Custom Insoles

Custom insoles help support the function of your feet, ankles, knees, hips and pelvis. They can in some cases relieve years of pain, and they can also help support training, function and performance.

Many problems can originate from your physical structure and the way you move. These problems tend to develop gradually or persist over many years, and some take years to finally show with symptoms. Support and correction with custom insoles can significantly change the way you stand and move and can reduce stress in areas which have been compensating or subjected to higher forces than they should. Custom insoles can be just as much prevention as a form a treatment. Moving symmetrically can help restore more fluid motion in gait which helps joints and muscles to work as they should.

How are these insoles different?

Paul doesn't just assess your feet. Paul gives special attention to leg length inequality and ways in which your pelvic positioning may be asymmetrical. Assessment of the whole lower limb and pelvis is important as insoles have the capacity to affect the whole body. This means that in most cases one insole will be constructed differently to the other in order to help correct asymmetries by giving each side the correction and support it needs.

The insoles are made with a semi-rigid shell which won't compress over time like foam which means that the corrections built in will last well over time. Typically an insole can last 5 years but this depends on use.

Who is this for?

If you feel you have poor movement in walking, or have been suffering from recurring or ongoing problems it is a good idea to check if custom insoles could be helpful for you. However, custom insoles can also be beneficial where there are no symptoms by supporting the way you move. This can reduce your risk of future problems and help training and performance in sport. Many athletes report that they can train and recover better than when they were without insoles. Paul is one of them.

Free 30min consultation is available to determine if custom insoles could be beneficial for you, and if so, what level of assessment would be needed to assess you for custom insoles.

Assessment options for determining insole prescription
In very simple cases a normal physio session can be sufficient to assess for insoles. In most cases however one of the biomechanics options will be needed to get the most potential out of your custom insoles. You can find out more on the biomechanics page