Sports Performance

Are you motivated to progress your function, performance and results?

The surest way to improve your performance is with the 'multiple gains' approach where you make many improvements in each of the following areas. I can assess and guide you in each of the following areas:

1. Training plans and perdiodisation. This should be based on your current performance and function I make sure to cover all the attributes of fitness with cutting-edge progressive based training. Most people discover areas they didn't realise they were missing.

2. Biomechanics and movement patterns. Improving inefficiencies and injury risks.

3. Active recovery methods. Recovery is when you get stronger. You need this to get your best results and most people simply don't do this anywhere near as well as it could be done, if at all.

4. Foundational health. Without base health you don't adapt effectively to your training and you risk illness or injury.

5. Nutrition and supplements to support all the above.

6. Psychology and behaviour resources to help keep you on track and avoid common pitfalls.

You'll get actionable steps for making the greatest impact on your results and performance. You'll understand what you need to do and why. Through my work as a sports physio I bring my understanding of physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and training adaptations along with my experience as an active athlete. Blood test results can also be used to give additional insights into training needs.

Sessions can either be one-off when needed or can be more regular for continued progression.