About Paul

Paul specialises in sports physiotherapy and athletic training and conditioning. He qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2005 from Keele University.

Sports physio fits with Paul's passions for health, fitness, adventure and self potential. He has a passion for learning, growing and training.

Favourite training experiences?

"I really love runs in the mountains with challenging climbs and beautiful scenery. I especially enjoy the Swiss Alps both in the hot summers and the adventure of snowshoeing in the winter where the scenery can be spectacular. In the summer of 2016 I discovered a hidden fitness-trail in the woods on the lower slopes of a mountain in the Alps which made for fabulous and uplifting training. They even had a set of gymnstics rings which I find particularly fun for strength and conditioning. I'm currently working on handstand on the rings but I can tell you it's not that easy so ask me again in a few months!"

Paul plays piano and guitar and enjoys close-up magic which he has performed from bars in the Rockies to functions in London.