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Stories and photos of races, places and adventures. The most exciting thing to me about fitness is that it allows you to move through the world, or climb a mountain. It's not just about being able to do something in a gym.

South Downs Way Relay 2018 Paul on 04 June It may have been the 2nd of June but a cold sea fog was hanging over the cliffs and severely reducing the visibility. In an effort to avoid any runners losing their way and plunging over a 600ft sheer cliff the race was neutralised for the first … South Downs Way Relay 2019 Paul on 04 July The South Downs Way Relay has become one of the highlights of my running year. 48 teams from the South Downs region were running this year in this invite-only event. This was the third time I ran it and the excitement hasn't lessened. It's always …


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