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About my approach to sports physiotherapy

There are two main themes that run through all of my sports physio work. First is that, where possible, I make treatment and rehab progressive. 

Progression is in the very nature of getting better. Whether you are getting better from an injury or are looking to improve your elite sports performance, I consider the theme to be exactly the same: we are structuring specific and gradual progression from where you are to where you want to be. In this way there is no difference between people of any age, level of physical activity or fitness.  Progression runs through everything from treatment techniques and home exercises to training plans. Progression does not necessarily mean more. It can equally be a reduction such as reducing the frequency of treatment.

The second theme that runs through my sports physio work is considering the many aspects surrounding a problem and not just the problem itself. In the case of knee pain in a runner for example I might also look at footwear, changes in training, work or life stresses, recovery quality, nutrition, previous injury history, biomechanics, strength and so forth. Addressing the surrounding aspects uncovers things that need changing, stopping or doing to help the problem get better as effectively as possible.

In order to do all of this I place a great deal of importance on physical assessment and asking (usually lots) of questions to get an understanding of the big picture as well as the details. I also enjoy explaining and answering questions because when you understand what is going on and how it can be addressed it becomes a lot more motivating to get going!

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