Paul is currently seeing clients but with these covid precautions. Sessions must be booked by phone.

Physiotherapy with Paul

For treatment of injuries, movement restrictions and pain, and for the improvement of physical function.


£65 initial session (45 mins)
£45 full folllow-up (30mins)
£30 shorter follow-up (20mins
- suggested if frequency of treatment is more beneficial than less regular full-duration treatment.)

For appointments please call 01323 439738. If we are unable to take your call please leave a message and we will get back to you.

About physio with Paul

Being an athlete, Paul is aware of the need for full body function and understands how even a small niggle can interfere with everyday life and your ability to do things. He applies the principles of athletic development to both himself and his practice - the central idea being progression. In this way, there is no distinction between surgical rehab and elite sports training: we assess where you are at and determine what is the safest and most effective way to get you to a slightly better level until your goals are achieved.

In sessions with Paul you will also get advice on what you can do to help yourself from exercises and self treatment to nutrition and training advice, and you can discuss general health and lifestyle factors which may be related.

Please have clothing with you that you will be comfortable in and which allows you to be properly assessed. For example, shorts may be helpful when assessing a knee problem or full-body movement patterns. There is the possibility to change once in the clinic.

What do you treat?

Examples of common problems treated in the clinic include the following:

There are of course far more examples than this!

Treatment methods

Paul uses a wide variety of treatment techniques and typically uses a combination within physio sessions to treat different aspects of a problem. Here are some specific treatment methods used.

Treatment methods are typically suggested after assessment and can be modified as needed. If you have a preference of treatment method please feel free to discuss it with Paul.


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Paul's approach to physio Assessment

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