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Get assessment, guidance and support to help you achieve your ultimate fitness and performance goals, whatever your level. I cover the following areas which you need for your ultimate performances:

1. Training advice and plans specific to you and your goals. Covering all the attributes of fitness, and progression and periodising of training. Cutting-edge progressive based training.

2. Your biomechanics and movement patterns. Assessing and correcting inefficiencies and injury risks.

3. Ultimate recovery strategy. Recovery, not training is when you get stronger. You need this to get your best results.

4. Foundational health. Without ongoing good health you don't adapt effectively to your training and risk reduced training due to illness or injury.

5. Nutrition to support all the above.

6. Psychology and behaviour support to help keep you on track and avoid common pitfalls.

You'll get actionable steps for making the greatest impact on your results and performance. You'll understand what you need to do and why and possibly leave excited by all the new avenues for improvement you can explore. As a sports physio your consultations link seamlessly with any sports physio support you may require. You'll be dealing with someone who understands your body.

I take into account the classes, groups, coaching or clubs you currently have in your training and show you how to use them to get your best results.

Sessions can either be one-off when needed or can be more regular for continued progression. One-off sessions are more like consultations - where I assess where you're at and what you need to do to make the biggest impact. Ongoing support tends to feel more like 'coaching' than 'consultation' and allows for more progression.

Sometimes even one change or insight is enough to get your results to a new level.

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