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For appointments please call 01323 439738

Find us at 38 Lushington Road in Eastbourne town centre. Click here for map and directions

£40 initial sessions and 1/2hr follow-ups
£20 1/4hr follow-ups

About Paul

Paul specialises in sports physiotherapy and athletic training and conditioning. He qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2005 from Keele University. Physiotherapy is a natural fit with Paul's passion for health, fitness, sport and adventure. He trains all areas of fitness and runs regularly.



I assess and treat problems of movement, pain and function. Physiotherapy can help with tissue healing, movement, posture, biomechanics, muscle balance and more.


Fitness and Sports Performance

I assess and advise on exercise, fitness and sports performance. I cover training plans, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, flexibility, muscle balance, movement technique and more, to give you the complete package for your potential - no matter how fit or 'unfit' you currently feel.



Covering everyday health, fitness and training, and some of Paul's favourite adventures, runs and reviews

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