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Functional Physio

Address the root cause through posture, movement, condition specific exercise and understanding.

40 for initial session and half-hour follow-ups. (20 for short follow-ups)

Assessment and diagnosis,
Movement analysis,
Posture correction,
Muscle balance and movement rehab
Acupuncture and electrotherapy
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Running Coaching

Covering all aspects of running performance


Training structure and plans
Strength and conditioning
Athletic movement patterns and technique
Speed and endurance

About Paul

Paul is a physical training coach, athlete and sports physiotherapist. His main passion is in assessing and teaching movement and correcting imbalances of strength and flexibility. Getting the body to work as it should.

How is Paul's Physiotherapy different?

Paul's sessions address the root cause through movement and posture correction, specific rehab exercises, muscle balance and things to avoid. Where needed acupuncture, electrotherapy and some manual techniques can be used to help a problem along, but addressing the root cause is always his primary method of treatment. Due to time restrictions, Paul no longer offers sports massage and instead focuses on the root causes to get problems better.

Paul's Philosophy

Between the desk-worker with postural headaches and the Olympic runner or gymnast is a smooth continuum of abilities and function. Progressive, specific exercise is the most effectice way to move along that line and rehabilitate problems.

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