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For a new you!


Support for pain, recovery and the full potential of your body.

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Reveal and overcome potentially game-changing issues in your skeletal structure and movement.

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Progressively undo years of imbalance and decline and get on a path of progression.

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Manifest your athletic and human potential with guidance and support.

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"My work is about helping you to be out in the world doing what you love and achieving your goals. It's about looking truly holistically at how to improve from where you are to a little bit better each day... whether you have just had a knee operation or you're an elite athlete in full form."

"Paul is without doubt the best physio I have ever met. Two things make him uniquely special - firstly his fulsome and empathetic understanding of people; and secondly his holistic approach to his work. He takes time to understand and treat the cause rather than the effect of the injury, all the while explaining all of this to the patient. There is literally nothing he does not know. An absolute gem and I fully recommend."
Vicky Burford Teacher and Adventurer