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Support for relaxation, self-care and well-being.

Therapeutic massage and hot stones are both great ways to support your wellbeing, self-care and the release of tension held in the body. Sessions help reduce levels of stress hormones and can give many people the regular support that they need for body and mind.

About Gosia

Massage | Hot stones | Bodywork

Gosia has had a long-standing interest in health, fitness and helping people. In the clinic she is available for therapeutic massage and hot stones therapy sessions. She grew up in Poland and now works with the South East Coast Ambulance Service driving ambulances and assessing and treating emergency medical situations - so you'll be in safe hands!

She takes great care to make clients feel comfortable so they are able to truly relax in their sessions, and enjoys the satisfaction of seeing the benefits that her works gives to people

Gosia enjoys keeping fit and healthy, from walking and bodyweight exercises to cycling and lifting weights. She has an interest in nature and would love to have a small-holding one day. She has an Airedale Terrier bear dog called Boris with whom she enjoys exploring the local countryside.

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