About Paul

Paul specialises in sports physiotherapy, biomechanics and athletic training and performance.

He qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2005 from Keele University. Paul's work fits with his passions for health, fitness, adventure and self potential.

Away from work Paul is regular with running, mountain biking and other training, and plays the piano and guitar with which he enjoys playing a wide variety of music. His interest in close-up magic performance has been a big part of his life.

A short Q+A

How do you view your work?

My work covers a spectrum from serious injury rehab at one end, to working with sports and physical performance potential at the other end. I don't think it is possible to define a cut-off point that distinguishes one end from the other. It is a smooth continuum, a progression. So in my work I aim to guide each client along that line from left to right, to whatever level is appropriate for them. In that regard, I see myself neither as 'a physiotherapist' nor as an 'elite sports coach' but as a mix of the two. Whether I am treating a serious injury, a surgical rehab or a high level athlete who might feel free of problems, this single guiding question is always the same: "Where are we at and what can we do to take a step of progress".

What do you do to keep physically healthy and fit?

That's a big question! In brief I think it is important to consider all the attributes of fitness and so I try to get something for all of them on a regular enough basis. (I wrote a post on that here.) Mainly I run, mountain bike and do stretch sessions and resistance training. My resistance training includes the gymnastics rings, kettle bells, a bar and bodyweight exercises.

Most memorable training experiences?

I have especially fond memories of times in the Swiss Alps both in hot summers and the adventure of snowshoeing in the winter. In the summer of 2016 I discovered a hidden fitness-trail in the woods on the lower slopes of the "Morgenberghorn" which made for fabulous and uplifting training. They even had a set of gymnstics rings!