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About Paul

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Paul qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2005 and he has continued to learn and develop his practice ever since. His work fits with his passions for health, fitness, adventure and self potential.

Aside from clinic work Paul is regular with running, mountain biking and other training, and plays the piano and guitar. His interest in close-up magic performance has been a big part of his life and his attitude to rehab and fitness comes in part from magic - 'very often more is possible than you initially thought...'

What people say

For 20 years Paul has guided me very holistically through ongoing physical rehab and conditioning for sports and general wellbeing. To my mind, Paul is the most passionate chartered physiotherapist there is who always does ongoing research and actually practices what he preaches which is the most important thing when you’re spending money on anything to do with physical rehabilitation whether it’s sports orientated or not.
Paul Payne. Coach and Athlete.