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Stand, walk and run with better alignment and support.

and can support you for

Many problems and inefficiencies can originate from your physical structure and the way you move. These problems tend to develop gradually or persist over many years, and some take years to finally show with symptoms. Support and correction with custom insoles can significantly change the way you stand and move and can reduce stress in areas which have been compensating or subjected to higher forces than they should. Custom insoles can be just as much prevention as a form a treatment.

How is it done?

Multiple methods of assessment are combined to give the best insight into your structure, alignment, posture and motion. These include detailed visial and manual assessments alongside cutting edge technology such as pressure plate, digital pelvic inclinometry (to measure angles in the pelvis) and video motion analysis on the treadmill.

How can it help?

Correction of structural and alignment issues such as leg legnth inequality and flat feet can reduce stress in areas which have been compensating or subjected to higher forces than they should. In this way it is also possible to help prevent issues such as joint problems and stress fractures from developing. Better movement leads to better function and athletes often find they can train and recover better.

Who is this for?


Ask for a free 30min consultation to get a better insight into how this could be beneficial for you. This can also be useful to determine what level of assessment you may need as not everyone needs the same detail of assessment.

Session Types

Level 1 assessment
Foundation assessment of your feet, ankles, knees and pelvis, including pelvic torsion and leg length inequality.

Level 2 assessment
Includes gait anaylsis on the treadmill.

Level 3 assessment
The 'full works' and includes full pressure plate assessment of standing and gait.

About Paul's Custom Orthotics

What people say

"The insoles which I received from Paul have been life changing. Paul took time to explain the process to me, and they have literally got me back on my feet again. I wear them in all of my shoes in order to remain injury free."
Vicky Burford