Physio - Biomechanics - Performance Pricing Map and directions


Counter the effects of aging, bad habits and neglect.

Everything in the body naturally declines with time if neglected, but there is so much we can do to open our awareness of what can be done to protect and progress.

This is about moving beyond specific problems or injury. After more than 20 years in physiotherapy and sports I recognise that being injury or pain-free should be seen as the starting point and not the end goal of the rehab process. This is where you decide to deeply rehabilitate your body and keep progressing from there. Rehab care and functional progression is something can be developed lifelong... if you chose.

It starts with the simple awareness that things need attention. Layer by layer you learn and uncover. Even small things can make a huge difference when extended over time and there is always room for progression. Even elite athletes I've worked with discover many new ways to rehab, protect and improve.


Everything from full body muscle balance and posture rejuvenation, to breathing and lung health, movement pattern corrections and vocal care. And all the attributes of fitness get addressed too!


A process based on ongoing assessment and experience. Sessions feel like a combination of physio, life-coaching, therapy and body education and often fill people with optimism that things can improve.

What people say

"When I came to Paul I could barely move and was found to have herniated discs and sciatica. His clear exercises, explanations and support, combined with his treatment literally changed my life. Thanks to Paul, I am now able to run and he is helping me to set other goals - something that others had said was impossible. I would encourage you to come and meet Paul. You can enjoy your life more and deal with the things that are causing you pain. You'll never look back."
Felicity Zucchi, Pianist, linguist, writer and runner